Receive Test Faucets Airdrop for Your Testing
After you have enough SOL gas in your wallet, you can apply for the airdrop of test tokens from us.
Please submit your Solana wallet address via the following form. Our developers will airdrop you the tokens in 24 hours:
Currently there are three test faucets that we issued, which namely are:
- CSOL (Crema SOL)
Mint Address: 1msZrgEMrhEzhLWjGvEpqo3RUuzMWGs4x9S6j3Nk1hK
- CUSDC (Crema USDC)
Mint Address: GHStiPQDe4HEQxtDzyFFuNjP6Z6GqYhbPqJ6oiRFmGWT
- CUSDT (Crema USDT)
Mint Address: Gcu9zjxrjez4xWGj8bi2gTLXYN8hD8Avu2tN8xfnV65Q
(*The above test faucets are only for testing purpose and do not have actual values. They may not reflect the actual price of SOL, USDC and USDT in the real market.)
Sometimes the token you received in your wallet will show as its mint address or unknown token instead of its token name by default. In that case, you can manually edit its token information for easier recognition.
After receiving the test tokens, you can start trying and testing our beta devnet (
We sincerely appreciate it for your support.
Last modified 9d ago
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